Do you ever wonder how some people can do a lot of things with the same amount of time we have?

Most of the time, what stops us from moving is not that were busy. Almost all the time, it’s the laziness. You know you got to do something but you just won’t move.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been focus on fulfilling my goal. One of the thing that help me keep moving is exercise. I exercise daily not to get a six pack abs or do a one finger push up. I do it as part of my lifestyle in making myself better which also helps me keep my mind focus on my goal.

If your not a gym buff like I am, here are my recommended easy, fast, and simple to do exercises.

  1. Push Ups. Nothing beats this all time favorite exercise. After so many years, it has gone to many version but you don’t have to do all those. Do the basic and start doing 3 sets with 8 reps each. Increase your reps by 3 if you feel that its too easy already. When I was starting, I use Push Ups Workout. It’s a very basic app that can help you reach your daily goal and make you progress as time pass.
  2. Squats. This exercise is not just for your bum. It helps your back and thighs gain strength. I started with basic position doing 3 sets with 10 reps each. See this video for a quick guide on how to do it correctly without hurting your knees and back
  3. Jumping Jacks. I love doing this at the very start. It sets me on the mood and energizes me throughout the next sets of exercises. Start with 3 sets and do 25 reps for each set.
  4. High Knees. I do this to add variety on my jumping jacks. 3 Sets with 15 reps per side will do already if your starting. Also, try smiling while doing it, it will be more fun. Whenever I’m smiling while exercising, I feel a dopamine rush all over my body. It helps me keep going everyday. Try it!
  5. Run. Find a nearby space in your community where you can run for about 15 minutes. Running doesn’t only help your heart, it also helps strengthen your lower body. Do this on your on phase were you are challenging yourself but still can reflect on things. You can even enjoy an audiobook or a podcast while doing it.

Feel free to add or lessen the number of exercise reps or set, just stay consistent on doing this everyday.



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